Tomas Castillo

Audio Desinger


Greetings,My name is Tomas Castillo, and I am an experienced audio specialist based in Wichita, Kansas. With a solid background in both vocal engineering and sound design, I am passionate about delivering top-notch audio solutions that will meet and exceed my clients' expectations.

With over six years of experience in vocal mixing and two years in sound design, I have honed my skills to ensure that every project I work on receives the attention to detail it deserves. As a dedicated and skilled audio professional, I pride myself on delivering exceptional results that make a positive impact on my clients' projects.

I have a loyal client base that can attest to my easy-to-work-with nature and my ability to consistently deliver high-quality audio solutions. Whether you need a track mastered to be broadcast ready or are looking to bring your audio visions to life, I am here to help.

So if you're in need of a confident and friendly audio professional who is always striving to improve, look no further than me. Let's connect today and discuss how I can help bring your project to the next level!


Audio Productions

- Sound Design
- Vocal Mixing
- Mastering
- Leveling to Premade Music
- Editing Dialogue

Games I Worked On